New ONE Course – Yagami Ryu Basics with Ludvig

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Yagami Ryu Basics – Koden Shibari

19:30 – 22:30 | Wednesdays | Four weeks

For intermediate participants.

If you want to learn Yagami Ryu Basics, then this course is for you.

What the course includes:

  • Safety and risks
  • Tying techniques divided into building blocks

Principle: connecting three or four points together.

Getting to know Taijutsu

  • Easy ways to change the position of your partner’s body

We learn basic approaches in Yagami Ryu Shibari Style. To do this, we analyze terms such as Sekibaku, learn the first four basics of Yagami Ryu and experience their application.

For Who?

This course is aimed at bondage couples who want to explore the possibilities of Yagami Ryu together. The course can be visited by intermediate to advanced participants.

What to bring?

Maximum 2 ropes are required. You can bye your ropes at Shibari Center at the beginning of the course.


Clothing – comfortable, in underwear is also possible.
We practice barefoot or with socks.


Ludvig teaches Yagami Ryu in an undogmatic way. Through his attention to detail, technical proficiency, and seeking for deep connection and communication he gives this style an independent touch.

As the owner of the Shibari Center in Sofia – Bulgaria, he regularly teaches courses, workshops, and individual lessons for all levels – from beginners to professionals. His teaching experience with couples allows him to apply an individual approach to teaching students with different interests and needs.

  • Language: The course language is Bulgarian or English
  • Fee:   €300.00 per pair (for Bulgarian citizens the price is 300 BGN)
  • Duration: Four weeks
  • Time: from 19:30 to 22:30 h. (3 hours)
  • Dates:  Every Wednesday


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